WhoMadeWho & ARTBAT
Montserrat / Closer

12" Vinyl | WGVinyl057

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Repress in Watergate standard sleeve!

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WhoMadeWho – Montserrat (ARTBAT Edit)
B ARTBAT – Closer feat. WhoMadeWho

Coming in hot with the first of three EP’s from WhoMadeWho’s Watergate 26 is two of the standouttracks from the mix. Both tracks come from WhoMadeWho and ARTBAT, yet with a unique twist eachone sees the collaborators exchange creative roles.

Kicking things off Artbat’s edit of WhoMadeWho’s ‘Monsterrat’ is as deep and hypnotic as it is soulfuland energetic as traces of Rock harmonize with low slung House and shimmers of Disco resulting in an eternal dance floor weapon.

Flipping sides WhoMadeWho features on ARTBAT’s ‘Closer’ where we witness the two outfits concocta dramatic, emotional ride into celestial spaces where sweltering vocals balance delicately onmassive bursts of low end and dreamy progressions creating an incredibly tense yet captivating outcome. Indulge in these two timeless cuts until we bring you more soon from the stellar WhoMadeWho Watergate 26. Enjoy!