V.A. - Watergate Affairs 02

V.A. - Watergate Affairs 02

12" Vinyl | WGVinyl037

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A1 Ruede Hagelstein - Flash Balls
A2 Adana Twins - Etah
B1 Marco Resmann - Modius
B2 Tiefschwarz - Backyard

For the sophomore installment of our various artists series ‘Watergate Affairs’, we bring you four searing cuts of dance floor mania from Ruede Hagelstein, Adana Twins, Marco Resmann and Tiefschwarz.

Kicking it off is Ruede’s timeless, future classic; ‘Flash Balls’. At nearly eleven minutes, it’s a masterfully crafted tune reminiscent of classic Carl Craig and the best things that happen when Berlin meets Detroit. Adana Twins ‘Etah’ follows with a lush palette of sonics dispersed over an incredibly infectious groove emanating in a gorgeous ballad that will surely induce those magic moments. Next up is Resmann’s ‘Mobius’, a contagious groover that delicately balances the ability to fit any time or setting, day or night from open airs to club lights. Completing the compilation is Tiefschwarz with their enchanting symphony; ‘Backyard’ whose opulent shimmers and warm low end administer a superb trip into the ethereal. We hope you enjoy!