V.A. - Watergate 28 EP #1

12" Vinyl | WGVinyl093

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12" black vinyl + download!

Attention: Tracklisting differs from digital release.

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A1 Biesmans & Adana Twins - Hounds of Hell
A2 Biesmans & Shubostar - Across the Universe
A3 Biesmans & Dusky - Back in the Daze
B1 Biesmans & Kasper Bjørke - Holiday ft. Jacob Bellens
B2 Biesmans & Zombies in Miami - Smooth Monday
B3 Biesmans - All Day, Every Day

A generous DJ/party-friendly 6-pack from Biesmans’ brilliant, intense contribution to Watergate’s revered mix LP series, selecting from the 17-track LP collaborations with Adana Twins, Shubostar, Dusky, Kasper Bjørke & Jacob Bellens and Zombies in Miami, plus a solo from the Belgian Indie dance maestro.