Tiefschwarz - Do Me feat. Khan

Tiefschwarz - Do Me feat. Khan

12" Vinyl | WGVinyl025

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A1 Do Me feat. Khan - Roman Flügel Remix
A2 Do Me feat. Khan
B   Do Me feat. Khan - Frank Wiedemann Orchestra Remix

We here at Watergate Records are ecstatic to bring you the first single release ‘Do Me feat. Khan’, from Tiefschwarz in anticipation of their stunning new album, ‘Left’. Along with a couple of carefully curated remixes by from two of the most prolific and unique remixers working today, Roman Flügel and Frank Wiedemann, the complete package is a trifecta.

The original ‘Do Me feat. Khan’ is fully rooted in Tiefschwarz’s cryptic dance floor approach, intricately balancing the serious and the absurd through the call and response of an almost comedically vocoded voice and a smooth, slick talking murmur. Khan’s voice joined with a continually climbing bassline, lush percussive melodies and infectious drums result in a cut that is perfect for, and will shine, any time.

Going a different direction by barely using the vocal, but staying very true to the original is Roman Flügel. Taking the original bassline and shortening the loop to 3/4 time, Flügel has devised a hypnotic tail chase that continues from beginning to end only to be accompanied by the whip of a big hi hat and wild 909 claps.
Finally, it’s the Frank Wiedemann Orchestra Remix, and it’s pretty safe to say that this will be one of the anthems of the year. Aptly titled, the remix is a magnum opus conducted by a master. An enormous ensemble of rich strings and delicate melodies that build and swell from start to finish.