Fur Coat<br>Interstellar EP

Fur Coat
Interstellar EP

Digital | WGVinyl034

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First appearing on Watergate with a phenomenal remix of Ruede Hagelstein’s ‘Soul Dynamic’ last year, we are more than overzealous to announce Fur Coat’s reappearance with their debut EP ‘Interstellar’.
Known for their deep and hypnotic yet fiercely engaging sound of dramatic melodies and formidable low end, the duo paint a vivid display of emotional dance floor scenarios in two exquisitely crafted tracks. ‘Interstellar’ takes off with heavy, pulsating drums and long blasts of sub bass as an enchanting exhibit of melodic wash over open spaces. The flip side sees the two join forces with the sultry voice of Delhia de France on ‘Desire Of Mine’ creating a deeply emotional tune that pulses with climactic fever. Returning the favor for last year’s remix, Ruede expertly twists the original ‘Desire Of Mine’ with his unique brushstroke of sweltering organic percussion and infectious atmospheres ideal for a multitude of events.