Tiefschwarz - Free Falling Feat. Khan

Tiefschwarz - Free Falling Feat. Khan

12" Vinyl | WGVinyl028

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A1 Free Falling - Skream Remix
B1 Free Falling - Acid Pauli Cloudbuster Remix (Vinyl only)
B2 Free Falling - Tiefschwarz Dub

Tiefschwarz are back again on Watergate with a dub version and three stellar remixes of ‘Free Falling feat. Khan’ from their recent and highly acclaimed album ‘Left’.

Kicking things off is Skream and he takes the original to new heights in true Skream fashion with vivid arpeggios and silky vocals laid over reverb heavy snares and driving percussion ideal for the more climactic dance floor scenarios.

Up next is a man who needs no introduction: Acid Pauli. Already a legend in his own right, we last saw him on Watergate on the Peahen EP with MyMy and Lee Jones back in 2010 and now he’s back with not one, but two incredible remixes. Both his ‘Cloudbuster and Clouddiver Remix’ are lush displays of melodic, yet driving takes on the original. Warm pads and pulsing bass create a swirling melodic journey on both with ‘Cloudbuster’ being the more pumping and ‘Clouddiver’ taking the deeper route giving you two foolproof options.

Wrapping things up is Tiefschwarz’ own dub version of ‘Free Falling feat Khan’ and with it they deliver a stripped down take of the original, yet keeping just a touch of the low slung, sleek vocals to make sure it still has the quintessential Tiefschwarz feel. Enjoy!