Ruede Hagelstein - Microdosing EP

Ruede Hagelstein - Microdosing EP

12" Vinyl | WGVinyl051

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A1 Dematerialize feat. Justin Evans
A2 Forward Vision
B Dematerialize feat. Justin Evans (Martin Buttrich Remix)

As always, the return of Ruede Hagelstein is inevitable and with each return he ups the ante tenfold showcasing his ever growing prowess behind the studio door. It seems as if, with each Ruede EP, the amount of elements utilized shrinks while at the same time the sound grows in power and dominance and that could not be better exemplified than here.
Consisting of two originals and a remix from the one and only Martin Buttrich, the EP is a gross display of well thought out, mature dance floor jewels. Opening the short player is Hagelstein’s ‘Dematerialize feat. Justin Evans’ where a sinister yet soothing vocal sets the tone for the entire track, laying the groundwork for a gorgeous bass drum and shimmers of distant percussion carry us into
celestial spaces. ‘Forward Vision’ is up next and follows suit by relying on a brooding minimal groove to drive the shimmers of glistening atmospherics and sparkling sonics optimal for dizzy and delirious club moments.
Last but certainly not least we turn to the legend who is Martin Buttrich to twist the original ‘Dematerialize feat. Justin Evan’ into a more straightforward composition with his signature stylings opening the doors of accessibility to a wider demographic of disc jockeys resulting in a track that stretches the playability to a wide range of disc jockeys making it a stellar addition and ensuring the
perfect variety to quench all desires.

Illustration & design by Yugo Hasegawa