Matthias Meyer & Ryan Davis - Crying Juno / Cafuné

Matthias Meyer & Ryan Davis - Crying Juno / Cafuné

12" Vinyl | WGVinyl070

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A1 Matthias Meyer & Ryan Davis - Crying Juno
B1 Matthias Meyer & Ryan Davis - Cafuné

Matthias Meyer and Ryan Davis re-link for another superb outing on Watergate.

If you know, you know. Matthias Meyer and Ryan Davis make sweet music together, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie once made babes. Tunes that melt you into the floor and roll dancefloors from Tulum to Tblisi. Their debut collaboration ‚Hope‘ was a dawning highlight of 2017 and Beatport Deep House no.1, while ‚Love Letters from Sicily‘, was a lustrous late summer anthem, reinforcing their knack for the sublime.

Their latest opus ‚Crying Juno / Cafuné‘ begins where its predecessors left off, taking life after Matthias and Ryan exchanged ideas back and forth over a period of months before finally settling in the former’s Holzmarkt studio in Berlin to finish giving the tracks their form. Together they’ve crafted a masterful yin and yang between joy and melancholy. ‚Crying Juno‘ is the buoyant leader, propelled by an insistent groove and ‘80s synths, both bittersweet and undeniably uplifting. ‚Cafuné‘ continues with the orchestral themes that gave us ‚Hope‘, as sweeping strings and keys swell over a bed of delicate percussion, gradually building into a delicious groove.