Fur Coat - Immersion EP

Fur Coat - Immersion EP

12" Vinyl | WGVinyl045

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A Immersion
B Inner Circle

It was 2016 when we last saw the Venezuelan duo, better known as Fur Coat, drop their debut ‘Interstellar’ EP on
Watergate Records and now they finally return with their follow up, the ‘Immersion’ EP.

“Immersion” kicks off with an agile kick drum setting the stage for rapid fire percussion and an overwhelmingly satisfying ascending organ line that could be the trademark of any sci-fi film score. Add a few shudders of glimmering atmospherics and it’s a trek into the cosmic realm of Techno where space and time cease to exist.

Flipping sides the duo dive deeper into the infinite expanse with “Inner Circle” where lush textures canvas a mesmerizing groove and hypnotic spirals of gratifying repetitive sonics resulting in a fiercely energetic yet undeniably euphoric expedition under the club lights. Embracing the tools and mechanics that have made their sound unique and successful for so long,

Fur Coat seems to have delivered their most mature and polished EP to date with their ‘Immersion’ EP where stunning spacial details and a precise attention to detail have embodied the age old saying, “less is more”. Fur Coat is back. Immerse yourself.

Illustration & design by Yugo Hasegawa www.yugohasegawa.com