Butch - Songs About Unconsciousness

Butch - Songs About Unconsciousness

12" Vinyl | WGVinyl022

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A1 Butch feat. Hohberg – The Spirit
B1 Butch feat. Hohberg – The Spirit (Adriatique’s 7am Remix)
B2 Butch - Shahrzad

Fresh and exclusive from Butch’s Watergate mix is a massive cut with his partner in crime, Hohberg titled The Spirit. Add a remix from the Swiss duo Adriatique and a tune from Butch flying solo and you have “Songs About Unconsciousness”.
With “The Spirit”, Butch and Hohberg create a vivid and euphoric tour of emotions with a hypnotic looping lead, lush pads and a pulsating, relentless groove. It’s a serious burner that makes you want to close your eyes and get lost in another world.

In a perfect contrast yet staying true to the original, Adriatique deliver a stunning remix. Their take is a deeper, more melodic vibe, ripe with warm sub bass and rich organic drums perfect for a late night or early morning excursions.
To round up the EP is Shahrzād. It’s an acid trip laced with spaced out washes of Arabian winds, voices from a dream and infectious loops of percussion. In all “Songs About Unconsciousness” is a beautifully crafted bundle from the master of dance floor psychedelia, Butch.