Adana Twins - Jupiter EP

12" Vinyl | WGVinyl046

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A Jupiter
B Sequence 01

After their impressive debut on Watergate this past summer, Adana Twins deliver two stunning tracks on their ‘Jupiter’ EP finally curbing any anticipation of their return to the label. Both tracks are beautifully crafted cosmic journeys into the “headier” sonic spaces, perfectly balancing powerful grooves and euphoric melodies.

‘Jupiter’ kicks off with relentlessly pulsing low end that carries lush harmonies and breathtaking shimmers of synthesis to a stunning crescendo leaving an indelible experience not soon forgotten.

‘Sequence 01’, already tapped by Tale Of Us in their most recent mix for the famous Fabric Mix Series and reviewed by Resident Advisor as “a bona fide belter, all squaling, pitch-shifted synths and a beat insistent enough to rouse the most resolute of wallflowers", follows suit yet takes a slightly softer approach.

It’s a wild ride where dreamy pads and flickering melodics embrace a hypnotically infectious groove resulting in an overwhelming dance floor encounter. It’s apparent now that the Adana Twins are back, better than ever and going nowhere soon. Enjoy their ‘Jupiter’ EP!